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Article Published 1/7/2016

Dabo’s All in Team Foundation® Donates to the One SC Flood Relief Fund


Dabo’s All in Team Foundation® has donated $10,000 to the One SC Flood Relief Fund.

The purpose of the One SC is to help South Carolinians re-build and repair their homes that were damaged or destroyed during the flood. Many state and federal government agencies and non-profits assisted citizens immediately following the flood with short-term needs. As South Carolina moves into the long-term recovery phase, the greatest anticipated unmet need is getting people back into a safe, habitable home. The goal of One SC is to help bridge the gap between existing governmental and non-profit assistance and the unmet needs.

Coach Dabo Swinney serves on the One SC Flood Relief Advisory Committee along with other South Carolina celebrities and leaders.

Coach Swinney, “Our state was hit hard this past fall. There are a lot of people, families with children that need to get into safe, habitable housing. The need is the most critical long-term need our state is facing. We all need to come together as One SC. If you can, please join us in donating to One SC.”

More information on One SC can be found at www.onescfund.org.

More information on Dabo’s All in Team Foundation® can be found at www.dabosallinteam.com.


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