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The Family Effect

The Swinney's Connection...

The Swinney family has personally felt the impact of alcohol and drug addiction and as a result, the All In Team Foundation is committed to supporting The Family Effect, an organization in Greenville, SC that works to reduce addiction as a leading cause of family collapse and harm to children in South Carolina.  

About The Family Effect...

In a typical year for Greenville County:

  • 5,000+ children canít live with their parents
  • 2,400+ domestic assaults are reported
  • 1,300+ children are confirmed as neglected or abused
  • 550+ children are removed from their home by the state
  • 1,100+ first graders are unprepared for a successful start in school
  • 1,000+ students drop out of high school

Research has shown that addiction in the home is the main reason for family collapse.  Additionally, children who grow up with addiction in the household are 4 times more likely to become addicts themselves. The Family Effect supports a handful of programs including Serenity Place, which provides comprehensive, residential treatment to about 120 pregnant women, young mothers, and preschool-age children each year.

In 2013, Daboís All In Team Foundation invested $270,000 in The Family Effectís mission to build two units of transitional housing for families that successfully complete the program at Serenity Place but need time to find a safe, permanent place to live.  In 2015, Mimiís House was finished, holding two living spaces, each with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full kitchen.  You can find the story behind Mimi's house here.


The Foundation makes a contribution to The Family Effect annually through funds raised at our events and donations received throughout the year.  To date, Dabo's All In Team Foundation has donated more than $700,000 to The Family Effect.