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All In Ball

2020 All In Ball Information...
The 2020 All In Ball will once again be presented by The Shepherd Hotel and will be held on Friday, April 3, 2020 in the Poe Indoor Football Practice Facility.  For inquiries about sponsorship opportunities, please email info@dabosallinteam.com or subscribe to our All In Ball email list here.  
You must be at least 18 years old to attend the All In Ball.  

2019 All In Ball Recap...

The 10th annual All In Ball was presented by The Shepherd Hotel, in partnership with ClemsonLIFE, and was a record setting night for Dabo's All In Team Foundation.  The event was held on Friday, April 5, 2019 and was, once again, in the Poe Indoor Football Practice Facility.  

Nationally recognized sports personality Mark “Packman” Packer addressed the record crowd expressing his gratitude to be back for the 10th year of this special event! 

The evening's keynote speaker was none other than NFL Hall of Famer and Super Bowl winning coach, Tony Dungy.   Coach Dungy provided an unforgettable keynote address that set the tone for what proved to be an amazing night of charity and giving!  

As the evening came to a close and the final gifts were counted, sponsorships, auction totals & donations added up to an unbelievable $1,430,000!!  This made for the 3rd year in a row that the All In Ball had generated over $1,000,000!  We are so blessed and know that this would not have been possible without the support of our amazing sponsors and donors.  The 2019 All In Ball definitely followed in the steps of the 2018 National Champions -- BEST EVER.  

These funds will help support the Foundation’s 4 main focus areas and annual grant program:

  • Breast Cancer Prevention and Research
  • The Family Effect
  • Clemson’s Call Me MiSTER Program
  • Clemson LIFE Program

Additionally, the Foundation has an annual Grant Program that awards funding to other South Carolina based non-profits, organizations, and projects depending on their need and fit within our mission statement and focus areas.

Since inception in 2009, Dabo’s All In Team® Foundation will have distributed over $5.5 million to our focus areas and grant program by the end of 2019!  THANK YOU!!

Message from Dabo:  “Thanks to everyone who helped us have an UNBELIEVABLE night at the All In Ball. This community will benefit greatly from the generosity of so many people. I hope everyone had a great time.  We can't wait to start planning next year's All In Ball!  Blessings to all and see you in The Valley!”