Dabo's All in Team Foundation



The objective of the Grant Program is to provide organizations an opportunity to receive funding in order to execute projects that fit within the Foundation's stated Mission Statement.

Statement of Need

There are a number of organizations in our community, and across South Carolina, that share our same beliefs, concerning critical education and health issues.  Many of these organizations have outstanding ideas and concepts on how to be a part of the solution, but are lacking the opportunity and funding to do so.


The All In Foundation's Board of Directors has established a committee to develop and manage our Grant Program.  Organizations may apply for funding on a single or multi-year basis. Grants will be awarded annually with a $10,000 maximum limit. The following are some guidelines for submitting grant requests:

  1. Scope of project
  2. Cost and Schedule
  3. Expected Outcomes
  4. Submit by 9/1/18


Funding will be set aside annually by September 1st. Grant requests will be accepted each year between June 1st and September 1st. In 2017, over $500,000 was awarded in grant funding to more than 80 deserving organizations and non-profits in South Carolina.

Requests / Inquiries

Requests and inquiries should be directed to PJ Tessmann at ptessmann@dabosallinteam.com.

*Please be advised that capital campaign funds are not being considered for awards at this time.